MMOLANCE is a resource that performs the functions of an intermediary guarantor, and exists to create the most comfortable and safe cooperation between the Contractor (the Seller) and the Customer (the Buyer).
Before using the site, you (and the Contractor and the Client) should take into account the following rules.


1. Rules of resource use for Contractors:
1.1. To fully use the site you need to register, confirm your Email and, if possible, fill in your profile as fully as possible.
1.2. You have the right to create an unlimited number of various different services within an adequate framework (for more details, see paragraph 3.5.).
1.3. You have the right to download screenshots of your achievements as a cover of the service.
1.4. You have the right to add extra services within a certain service.
1.5. You have the right to edit your services (description, images, terms, price policy, etc.).
1.6. You have the right to place any services and products in online games that you wish, but please take into account that our site is not responsible for you and for your accounting game records (and your customers) regarding issues related to the policy of game developers (you you can break their rules at your own peril and risk).

2. Wishes to use the resource for Executors:
2.1. Try to specify in the profile as much information as possible about yourself, about your skills and achievements.
2.2. When placing the service, in the name, indicate the name of the game to which this service belongs.
2.3. Describe the service in as much detail as possible, with screenshots of your completed work and achievements in this service.
2.4. In the event that you have many orders and you are not sure that you will manage them on time — you can put the service on pause.
2.5. After creating and confirming the account, you have the right to rename the nickname of your account.

3. Violations and sanctions regarding the use of the resource for the Contractors:
Please note that if any of the following items are violated, your account will be blocked and denied payments.
The administration reserves the right to communicate with sellers under the guise of buyers in order to identify violations.
3.1. It is forbidden to give the buyer contact information (Skype, Email, VK, Phone, etc.) in any way. Use of contact information received from the buyer. Communication with the buyer in the game after the execution of his order.
3.2. It is prohibited to attempt to sell a product or service without making a payment through the Fair Play system built into the site.
3.3. It is forbidden to use coarse and abusive words in the description of their services, goods, or in the description of the profile.
3.4. It is forbidden to use the name of another online resource (store, forum, any site, etc.) as a nickname.
3.5. It is forbidden to create the same type of services for spam purposes.
3.6. It is prohibited to place false offers, false information about yourself, as well as ignoring incoming orders.


4. Rules for using the resource for customers:
4.1. To fully utilize the site you need to register and confirm your Email.
4.2. You have the right to choose the Contractor for any parameters you like (note that the site is not responsible for the quality of the performance of a particular service).
4.3. In the event that, after paying for a particular service, the Contractor does not submit any signs of life — after the expiration of the period indicated in the service, you have the right to open a Dispute and leave a complaint against the performer. After that, our intervention will follow and if you confirm your rightness, we will refund your funds.
4.4. After successful execution of the order, the Customer is obliged to confirm it on the site by clicking the corresponding button on the page with the service.


In turn, we consider it our duty to protect the confidentiality of personal data of customers who visit MMOLANCE website and use its services. You can find more details here — Privacy Policy.

For all other questions, you can contact us by writing to Email —