Fair Play (also known as the Safe Transaction) is a system that guarantees the Contractor to receive money for its work, and does not worry the Client for the safety of its funds, if the Contractor has not coped with its work. In all disputable situations, you can resort to the help of our arbitration, which undertakes to compensate for all losses suffered by the victim during the transaction.


How does this work in practice?


1. The customer chooses the service on the site and pays for it.
The client can negotiate all the details with the Contractor, then pay the service directly, or by sending the Individual Order, agreeing with the terms of the Contractor for the performance of work or when buying the goods. After the payment is made, the funds go to the cloud service of our Safe Transaction System.

2. The Contractor proceeds to fulfill the order.
After the Customer has paid for the order and the funds have arrived in our cloud service — the Contractor receives an alert that he needs to proceed with the execution of the order.

3. Option number 1: Successful execution of the order.
In this case, after the successful completion of the order, the Customer is obliged to confirm this on the website by clicking the appropriate button on the page with the service, to put an estimate of the quality of service by this Contractor and leave a response. After that, the funds transferred to the account of this service are received by the Contractor.

4. Option number 2: The order was not executed correctly or incorrectly.
In the event that after the payment of the order, the Contractor «lost», suddenly refused to accept the order or did it absolutely incorrectly (not in accordance with the agreed terms), after the time specified in the service, the Client has the right to open a dispute, and in case of his rightness in this situation — to return all funds.


For all other questions, you can contact us by writing to Email — support@mmolance.com